Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project: Blogger burnout

So, in honor of 4/20, I've burnt out reading the 100 or so blogs I have been trying to follow.

I really like to see bloggers having a community with back and forth across blogs and such. I haven't really been getting that though, except for a few very interesting and eclectic group of people. What I intend to do about that is blow up my list of favorite blogs and start anew. Chances I will end of following the core group that seems to have arisen, but please comment in here so I don't miss you! Also, because I tend to watch so many blogs, I can't always comment, but that doesn't mean I'm not watching! It's just that if I comment more than once/3 days I would end up spending ALL my free time on here. (;

Likewise, if any of you find other bloggers who enjoy being part of this community and seem to being along our interesting bent of randomness, tell me about them and I will check them out.

And a pic for the day: And electrical box I made a year ago that acts as a more functional power strip.


  1. Happy 4/20!

    That is a cool electrical box, but, is it stood in a bin...?

  2. i've been meaning to do this as well... maybe trim down my bookmarked/ follow list to make it easier for me. :)

  3. Oh wow nice box! Come check me out,

  4. Lol that pic is so funny ;D