Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project: Tire Trap a.k.a. GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU KIDS!

As mentioned in the last post, some jerk keeps hitting my garden boxes and breaking them. This project didn't take very long, but I'm happy with it none the less.

Step 1: Rebar get!

 Step 2: Bend the ends. I don't have an anvil or anything, but two salvaged sledge hammers work just fine.
 Step 3: Grind them to a certain sharpness.
 Mmmmm, sharp.
 Step 4: Place around box at sidewall height.
 Step ?: Profit. If someone hits them on the side, then it should slash their sidewall. If they hit it head on, then it should puncture their tire pretty well.
 A testament to the party. Two recycle bins filled to the top with handles of booze, snacks and the bags to transport them in.

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